Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Tax Tuesday the 10 11 10 Edition

A co-worker of mine asked me the other day what I thought about those people protesting with "Occupy Wall Street". She also asked me if I thought "rich" people should pay their fare share of taxes.

Well, she probably thinks she is opened minded, but, just the questions pretty much tell you what she thinks.

What are the Occupy Wall Street protesters (paid or not) protesting? According to my coworkers they are protesting people making profits...at someone else's expense(?). I just wonder why liberals believe they should tell another person how much money to make or they (liberals) think they should determine how much another person deserves to earn. One answer my friend has no idea about is why the banks made bad loans to people in the first place. Weren't banks forced to loan to consumers by the government? The government tries to control the banks via regulations, bailouts and taxation manipulation, the plan fails and then the politicians that forced the banks to operate like morons blames the banks and accuses them of being greedy.

As to the notion that the "rich" should pay their "fare share" I am astounded at the ignorance of the left. First of all, no conservative believes that the rich should not pay their fair share. I have never heard any one (except maybe liberals) say that anyone should not pay taxes. What no Democrat, liberal or leftist has ever been able to tell me is how they can tax a company into growth and hiring more people. How can you take money away and expect that company to then hire more people? Hello...hello...is there anyone that can hire more people with less money? The only way is via government handouts. That's what this whole green jobs malarkey is all about. That is not a business, that is welfare.

What about No Tax Tuesday? Why should our tax dollars be spent on bailout welfare jobs?
By-the-way protesters, why not occupy the White House and ask where all the jobs are? 

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