Friday, October 21, 2011

Flush 'em Friday OWS and Joe Biden the 10 21 11 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday to anyone and everyone! Another week and another list of Flushies worthy of a good old whurly - twurly.

And the Nominees are:

  • Occupy Wall Street - why protest the banks and not the Congress that forced the banks to make the stupid loans in the first place?
  • Uninsured motorist insurance paid for by insured motorists (me).
  • Joe Biden for linking public safety to his liberal agenda and then insinuating that not voting for liberal crap will bring about lawlessness. Really, Joe?
  • Obama's "Jobs" package - just another payout. What "new" and real jobs would it create or even allow?
  • Lindsay Lohan - for being such an idiot and having the money but not the sense to use it. 
  • LAUSD for getting rid of one reading program and adding another. Changing programs only insures 4-7 years of clueless attempts at making the new program work. 
  • LAUSD for not getting rid of the clueless "coaches" who were constantly meddling with teachers instruction. What a waste of money. About $ 90,000 a coach X 1,000 schools = $90,000,000 per year. Budget crisis solved. 
  • JH and JJ for using threats as their main method of leading and managing. 
  • The NBA owners and players for not being able to get themselves together while fighting over millions of dollars the average person will never see.
That all for me, who would you like to flush?

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