Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Job Creation via Government?

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It looks like LA Mayor Antonio Villarigosa is planning on lobbying the new congress and President Barack Obama on strategies to help create jobs. This is why Los Angeles and California are in the horrendous condition they are in financially. Herein lies the problem with all Democrats and liberals: the solution to business problems are, in their belief system, in government regulation and "funding." What is telling is also that La Mayor does not go to his Governor first. He knows his state has no money, but, the feds will at least print some more up if they feel they need money. La Mayor is not looking to help businesses flourish in a free market system, he is looking for a handout. 

It can't be the mythological green jobs candidate Jerry Brown promoted during his run for Governor but has scarcely mentioned since would help LA or La Mayor would seek those. If green jobs were the answer La Mayor would surely know how to open up opportunities for small business entrepreneurs and thus create jobs all over LA. 

Here's the deal: Job creation via government intervention is only as good as the intervention lasts. In other words, when the funding stops, so do the jobs. So called infrastructure creation such as roads is really just government payouts to unions. If the roads do not produce an industry that will outlast the funding they are only temporary jobs, government payouts. 

As I drive around Los Angeles I see empty building that once housed industries. Industries that created products not dependent on government subsidies. Industries that provided jobs for my grandparents and parents. Where are they now? Some are out of state, some are overseas. Why? Maybe we should ask the likes of Democrat Jane Harman who when informed of the loss of over 500 jobs in her district was "blindsided" and "didn't see it coming". Clueless. We dare not go there for help. That is why I will repeat myself and say that since 2005, under the Democratic legislature California has lost over 1,200,000 jobs and counting.

So, off you go Antonio. Ask the POTUS if can print some money to send California's way to "create" handouts, err, I mean jobs. 
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