Friday, December 24, 2010

Light Cannon fire on Christmas Eve

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I, like you, am a bit busy today. So, I wish you a good day and hope you get it all done!

Enjoy and take a shot if you wish!

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, So What Big Deal.
I am a conservative. If someone, gay or not wants to die for our great country, so be it, I salute them.
But, why do I have to hear if they or gay or not. If it is not a question, it's not an issue.

I have worked for the district for 22 + years.
The system ignores the most important elements, parents, students and teachers. Parents who read with their children before they attend school learn to read before they get to school. Good students come from involved parents.
I have taught in low preforming schools most of my career. The government usually just screws things up by forcing schools to start all over again every few years, throwing out the baby with the bath  water and forcing teachers and school site administrators to reinvent the wheel.
I have been forced to monitor bathroom usage because "when my child needs to pee you better let him go or I will sue you!" I don't care but when my administrator directs me to waste instructional time to make sure children can pee, I do it. Stupid.
Stupid is as stupid does.

The biggest racist are the left because it is THEIR policies that keep the poor poor and have failed for 40/50 years now. But, people like you keep blaming "racist republicans." What is racist about believing you should keep your own money and take care of your family? What is racist about believing you can find the American dream?
Let me ask you this? When did you become a Democrat? After someone told you,"Those white people don't like you!" You probably got in a fight in middle school because somebody told you someone said something about your mother.
Time to wake up and grow up.

Remember the judges names, Justices Eileen C. Moore, Wiliam F. Rylaarsdam and Richard M. Aronson. If he commits a crime, they should be help responsible and up for termination.

Typical of the propaganda wing of the left also known as la Times.
The truth is how pitiful of the President to take two years to learn how to work with congress (bipartisan) and two years plus a good political a$$ whooping to live up to his "promise to reach across the aisle."
I am only surprised that la Times has not proclaimed his brilliance for remember to brush his own teeth.

Let Arlen Specter be a testimony to all people who represent us. The tea party wanted the likes of Specter out because they don't represent the people who voted them in and they were NOT faithful to the promises they made.
Unlike the foolish "coffee party" the Tea Party stands to call on government officials to be accountable.
Specter came to represent the awful politician who represents themselves, not the public.
If only those on the left would hold their leaders so accountable.
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