Friday, August 13, 2010

Government Intrusion or political illusion?

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We vote. A judge makes a "ruling." A Constitution was beautifully conceived. A judge "interprets" it. All the matters is what the judge believes now.

Listen, I've been a student of the Bible for most of my life and one thing I have seen is that if you don't have some rules for interpretation, some set of guidelines for what is an acceptable form of interpretation, anything goes. If you take things out of context, ignore the cultural-historical background, impose your own presuppositions, you make the Bible appear to say almost anything.

Now, apply that same thinking to the Constitution and  laws, you can do whatever suits you. I am deeply afraid of people who "interpret" the constitution. This is usually judges. In California we voted and the majority, decided that marriage should be what it has been, between a man and a woman. The judge, "ruled" that it was unconstitutional and basic civil rights to gays and homosexuals would be denied if it was allowed to remain.
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What "civil rights" are being denied to gays and homosexuals? No one is stopping them from voting. No one is denying them due process or equal protection as individuals. But, they are forcing those who hold to a different moral view to accept theirs and live as if it is absolute truth. See, my earlier post where people are being sued because they do not agree with gay and lesbian lifestyles.

Is this government intrusion or just the illusion that we live in a society where our vote counts?

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